Do you follow up with your attendees after events?

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Your attendees have all gone home with a mental boat load of information and great insights. Now is the time to follow them up and remind them of other events, how to keep in touch with you and where to find more information.

This does not need to be big sales pitch, but you do want to capitalize on your event being fresh in their mind.

Create a follow up strategy which could include:

  • Adding attendees to a CRM for later follow up and communication (if they have agreed to do so)
  • Send out a thank you email with more information such as

Dear XXX,

Thank you for joining us for breakfast and for the gift of your most precious resource - your time.

It was really great to meet you today and have the chance to discuss .NET development with you.

As per today's presentations, here are some useful links to you:

1.    SSW TV - Videos by developers, for developers:

2.    Webinar series - DevSuperPowers:




Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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