Form Design - Do you change contact method options from default option group to checkboxes?

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As per our rule Do you know when to use CheckBox?. Checkboxes should be used instead of the option group since the answer is a boolean type.

Figure: Bad Example - By default CRM uses option group for contact's and account's contact methods.

You can change the option group to checkboxes by:

  1. From CRM, go to Settings | Customizations | Customize Entities
  2. Double-Click "Contact" entity
  3. Click "Form and Views"
  4. Double-Click "Form" to edit contact form
  5. Click "Administration" tab
  6. Select a contact method field, i.e. Email
  7. Click "Change Properties"

Figure: Select and change the email field's properties.

  1. Click "Formatting" tab
  2. Change layout from "Two Columns" to "One Column" and select "Check box" as control formatting

Figure: Change layout and control formatting of email field to one column type and check box.

  1. Repeat steps 6-9 for other contact method
  2. Repeat steps 3-9 for account entity

Figure: Good example - Checkboxes are used for contact methods because they're clear and simple.

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