Post-Production - Do you know how to get your videos approved?

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The process for getting approval for all SSW videos follows the same steps, but final approval can come from different people depending on the type of video (either Adam or Uly):

  1. Please read the Definition of Done

Approvals Process:

Videos featuring Adam will need his approval to go public. For other videos, we need approval from the SSW TV team, stakeholders (contributors), and either Adam or Uly to go public: please see the table in the Definition of Done. At SSW, the method for getting approvals is by conducting a "test please".

Test Please:

In order to publish, you need to get a Test Pass from the Product Owner (Adam) and stakeholders:

  1. Get an ‘over-the-shoulder’ Test Pass from relevant Team Members and make changes as necessary from feedback
  2. Send a Test Please email to the Product Owner and Stakeholders with a link to the video
  3. Get a Test Pass from both the Product Owner and Stakeholders, or get feedback - when possible, get a “test pass if xxx changes are made” to speed up approval process
  4. Make changes as necessary from feedback


  • If you are getting feedback via email, call the speakers after implementing their feedback to discuss it
  • When you are ready for an external test please (e.g. Stakeholders and Clients), first send a test please to Adam. If he does not reply within 24 hours, call him

See Post-Production - Do you know how to conduct a 'test please' for video? for more info.

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