Do you give thanks for valuable content?

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Engaging with the digital community is vital for establishing a robust online presence. Not only does it elevate your company's website visibility via backlinks, but Google's algorithm also heavily favors such interactions. Beyond SEO advantages, it's a heartfelt way to commend the dedication of bloggers and developers. Commenting on blogs and acknowledging GitHub contributions are foundational practices in this endeavor.

The Benefits

  • For the Blogger: They receive direct appreciation, boosting the visibility of their content. For instance, a renowned blogger could secure sponsorships or speaking gigs.
  • For the Individual: Establishes a solid reputation and broadens your connections. For example, Bob Northwind emerges as a trusted expert in his field.
  • For the Company: The backlink to your website is the main way that Google and other search engines (including LLMs such as ChatGPT) work out how highly they should rank your website in their results.

Blogs - Giving thanks

When leaving a blog comment, always incorporate your signature with your name and URL. This not only establishes your professional identity but also contributes to your company's online footprint. The signature is used to track your comments.

Thanks for this valuable contribution! 👏
Bob Northwind

Figure: Good example - Always add your signature (name and URL) when commenting. Opt for a friendly tone, like "thanks" instead of a more formal "thank you".

GitHub - Giving thanks

Given the rapid evolution of the digital sphere, it's crucial to acknowledge the GitHub contributions of employees. Their active participation and the recognition they earn in the form of GitHub stars signify their influence and standing in the developer community.

Encourage employees to engage actively on GitHub, not just by contributing to projects but also by starring and appreciating others' work. This fosters a sense of community and boosts their digital presence.

github stars
Figure: Good example - Lots of starred repos!

Tracking and Valuing Digital Engagements

From a managerial perspective, it's valuable to identify and quantify these digital interactions. That way you can encourage people to contribute more! This can be achieved through:

Monitoring Interactions

To check an employee's blog comment activity, utilize advanced search operators on Google. For example, you can search for "Bob Northwind" "Thanks for this valuable contribution! 👏" to narrow down results.

Keeping Tabs on GitHub Stars

Track your employees' GitHub stars by visiting their GitHub profile and navigating to the 'Stars' tab. Recognizing and applauding their interactions in the developer community can be a motivation booster.

Evaluating SEO Contributions Annually

During Annual Reviews, it's beneficial to assess the SEO value or 'Google juice' each employee contributes, providing a tangible measure of their impact on the company's digital standing.

Implementing these measures not only enhances online presence but also fosters genuine connections and appreciation within the wider community.

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