Google Business - Do you make your Google Maps profile look awesome?

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Ever landed on a business's Google Maps profile only to find scant information, low quality images, or outdated contact details? If so, you'll have probably felt some distaste. You'll also understand the importance of creating an impressive and informative Google Maps profile. So, what's the best way to do that?

Compelling Images

Images are the first thing that someone looks at when clicking on a Google Maps listing. High-resolution photos make your profile appealing, and can be the difference between someone contacting you or bouncing from your page. These could include images of your products, services, team, or business premises.

  1. Take high quality pictures - This is the most important part. If your images are blurry or low resolution, viewers immediately start off on the wrong foot with you.
  2. Take pictures of the building - Google Maps is full of fake businesses and outdated listings. Having images of the exterior of the building confirms quickly to somebody clicking on your listing that you are legitimate.
  3. Add images of interesting features - The cherry on top is to add pictures of interesting features of the office that make it seem personable.

Profile Information

Make sure your business information is up to date. The important fields are:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Business hours

Respond to Reviews

It shows a commitment to customer satisfaction if you respond to reviews (especially negative ones). It's important to periodically respond to reviews so that anybody scanning your profile sees that activity.

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