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Do you have a strict password security policy?

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We recommend enforcing strict password policies.

Below is a capture of the settings we use:


When passwords have to be changed they must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Not contain all or part of the user's account name
  • Be at least six characters in length
  • Contain characters from three of the following four categories:

    • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
    • English lowercase characters (a through z)
    • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
    • Non-alphanumeric characters (e.g., !, $, #, %)

Rember it is always good to use an even number for password length ;)

Complexity requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or created.

Every 180 days clients will be required to change their password, they can change it when:

  • Login to their computer
  • Terminal server to another computer
  • VPN

This allows users to change their password by making a VPN connection to the office.

We also enforce a lockout policy so if a user gets their password wrong 5 times, their account will be locked out for 15 minutes.

If you want to change your password sooner, press [ctrl] [alt] [delete] then click "Change Password" button.

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