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Do you have an induction program?

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The problem is companies have a lot of information – some of it is public, some of it is private. 

You need an Induction or a Continuous Learning tool. We recommend It's a great tool and it can test employees' knowledge; e.g. whether they can find relevant information on the intranet.

SSW SugarLearning

The goal of SugarLearning is to help you learn. 

SSW induction covers a combination of public and private information. This information is available on the SSW website (public information) and the intranet (private information). We want to maintain these sites as the sources of truth for that information, so we don't want to duplicate this information on SugarLearning.

What SugarLearning does is aggregate your learning items into the one space to make it easy for you to complete your induction. Once you've done your reading, the follow-up quizzes help you confirm what you have learned.

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