Do you have Skype for Business setup in Hybrid to get the full functionality out of Teams?

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If you have an on-premises Skype for Business (S4B) server, and you want to upgrade to Microsoft Teams, you need to setup S4B in Hybrid mode with your Office 365 tenant first.

Microsoft Teams is going to replace Skype and Skype for Business in the near future - which means an upgrade will be necessary soon.

  1. To leverage the full features of Teams, you need to first setup Hybrid on your S4B on-premises server. This is no small task, and you can find the full instructions on how to do that here   2. After setting up a Hybrid environment, you will need to migrate all your users from S4B to Teams. This involves 2 steps (if you have an on-premises S4B):       a. Moving from S4B on-premises to S4B online (instructions);       b. Moving from S4B online to Teams. (instructions)
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