Do you use the Hemmingway Editor to improve your writing?

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The Hemmingway Editor is a tool that analyzes content and highlights problematic areas. This process reveals common writing issues that impact readers. Lean on this tool to internalize good writing practices.

Why use Hemmingway?

This is a tool that analyzes text for readability. It's particularly useful for longer pieces, like articles or blog posts.

It highlights:

  • Use of passive voice
  • Simple alternatives to complex phrases
  • Overuse of adverbs
  • Long and hard to read sentences

The editor also reports a grade-level readability score. Grade 9 reading level or below indicates the most understandable content.

How to use it

Copy and paste content into the editor for immediate feedback. Action as many suggestions as possible, and try to achieve that grade 9 readability or better.

hemmingway bad
Figure: Bad example - Hemmingway Editor highlighting readability issues

hemmingway good
Figure: Good example - Concise, direct, readable content

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