Expenses - Do you know how to manage your corporate card?

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When an organisation grows and has multiple offices, corporate cards can be issued to the various office managers to provide relevant amenities for their respective offices.

Issuing cards can be both an administrative and financial burden. Administratively, the accountant needs to be able to reconcile the expenses incurred and ensure they are of business relevance. Financially, card limits and spend amounts needs to be checked and reviewed regularly to avoid overspending uneccessarily.

To assist the accountant with any administrative burdens, the office manager (or the office assistant) should record all receipts to the accountant within a week of the spend. The best way to file these receipts is to use the company's expense receipts app. This allows for the quick disposal of the receipts and the maintenance of a digital copy.

Note: If your business does not use any mobile app for expense receipts yet, review the comparison between 3 apps particularly useful apps and determine which app may be best suited for your business.

By using an expense app, the accountant obtains the digital copy of the receipt which should match to the relevant transaction in the bank statement lines within the accounting system and allow for faster reconciliations.

Depending on the rule of your organisation, office managers should have some level of approval powers e.g. up to $100 can be approved by the office managers. Other alternatives could be that 2 office managers together can approve up to $500 or alternatively everything must be approved by 1 person such as the accountant. Based on the rule, the expense app should be set up in a relevant manner so expenses are approved by the right person.

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