Do you have a negative keyword list on your campaigns?

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Before you look at negative keywords, make sure you cover the essential steps of optimising Google Adword campaigns.

Any unrelated search terms that takes people to your website costs you money. Maintaining this regularly can save you a lot of $$$ in the long run and be used on essential keywords that bring in business.

It's important to create specific negative keyword lists depending on your business. You can have different lists named “cheap" or “career" related. Or you can have a global list that would be applied to all of your campaigns (recommended)

Get started by clicking on top right: Tools | Shared Library | Negative keyword lists. More info: Add negative keywords to campaigns .

You'll create the title and add all the negative keywords you think might generate non-targeted clicks. This will help you to improve your results on getting only the the right audience.

google ads organize negative keywords
Figure: Include negative keywords lists to improve your results

Once a week, check all Search Terms and review recommendations:

Go to | Keywords | Search Terms, and add junk terms to the negative keyword list. Then go through all other recommendations.

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