Do you know how to integrate RayGun with Octopus Deploy?

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One of the best features of RayGun is the ability to track crash reports against deployments. This feature allows you to tell if a particular deployment has introduced a lot of new bugs or caused a regression of exceptions.

To set it up:

  1. Under Deployments
  2. Select Octopus Deploy (Set up)

raygun octopus 1
Raygun will product you with a PowerShell script to add into your octopus deployment steps that will call the RayGun API and log a new deployment

  1. Trigger a new deployment
  2. Then you’ll see the deployment in RayGun

raygun octopus 2
Drilling into a deployment you’ll see:

  • New errors
  • Regressions
  • Recurring errors

raygun octopus 3
Figure: Good Example – Now you can measure the quality of your deployments

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