Do you know how to maintain productivity?

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It’s not always easy to stay on-flow and maintain productivity in a distracting environment. Here are 3 proven strategies to help you maintain productivity:

  1. Create TODO lists on your favourite notes app:

    • For most important tasks (MIT) - what I would like to get done today
    • For new features - when developing a new feature, a concise TODO list of what needs to be done
    • For additional tasks - any distractions such as additional tasks to be completed, can be noted on the appropriate list, without breaking concentration or stopping to focus on something else
  2. Take breaks - When alone, it is very easy to walk into the kitchen, grab your lunch and then walk back over to your workspace and eat where you work. Sitting all day is bad for you both physically and mentally. It's recommended taking 5 minutes every few hours to stretch and walk around. Tip: You may want to try the Pomodoro technique - This technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.
  3. Have a soundscape or background music to keep you focused
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