Do you know how to run nUnit tests from within Visual Studio?

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Archived Reason: This applies to old versions of Visual Studio as the test frameworks now provide their own test runner implementations for Visual Studio

Using NUnit with Visual Studio: To make it easy to use, you need to add it as an external tool in Visual Studio.

In Visual Studio:

  1. Go to Tools > External Tools
  2. Click "Add" button
  3. Type in:
  4. Title: NUnit GUI
  5. Command: Location of nUnit.exe file
  6. Argument: /run (so that the tests run automatically when started)
  7. Initial Directory: $(Target directory)

Figure: Bad Example - NUnit In Visual Studio

Option 2: Test Driven .net has better NUnit integration – from both code and Solution Explorer windows.

Figure: Better way - Use TestDriven.Net - it has a 'Run Test(s)' command for a single test (above) or...

Figure: can right-click on a project and select 'Test With > NUnit' to bring up the GUI. It is certainly more convenient

To run unit testing: Tools > NUnit GUI to launch NUnit and run the tests.

Option 3: Other Tools

Other Visual Studio tools including Resharper and Coderush have their own integration with NUnit. If you’re already using one of these, installing is unnecessary.

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