Do you include "Back" and "Undo" buttons on every form?

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Following on from including a URL, almost every form should have a Back and an Undo button which takes you back to the previous screen, or reverses the last action. This is just like Outlook (see figure below), it has a Back button to take you to the previous folder and an Undo button.

Figure: Good example - Back & Undo buttons in Outlook Advanced toolbar


  • "Back" button should only be implemented if different views can be shown in the same window
  • Don't put "Undo" buttons on non data entry forms such as a Print Preview form

The list of forms/URLs and the order in which they have been accessed should be stored in a DataSet held in memory (like IE) - not saved to disk.

For example:

Menu Action Undo Back
Cut Remember: Remember Text and Cursor Position
Cut To Clipboard
Return to Remember n/a
Save Record Remember old values
Execute procCustomerSave
Close Form
Return to Old values Reopen form

Sample code implementation in the SSW .NET Toolkit.

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