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Do you know how to keep CRM Opportunities updated?

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Keeping CRM opportunities updated is very important if you want to know how your sales team will perform in the next few months. The challenge is to keep CRM updated without creating extra work for the sales team. If it takes too long then they won't do it and you will be constantly chasing them.

One way to reduce the work of keeping CRM up to date is to use Followupthen. Follow Up Then allows users to schedule an email to be sent back to their inbox in a day, 3 hours, 2 weeks, 2 months etc. by adding an email address like to the BCC section of the email. Go to Followupthen to find out more.

This simple service allows users to be notified the next time they need to contact a client without having to update CRM.

If you do miss any opportunities by accidentally forgetting to set a followupthen, you should have a Power BI report to help you catch any that fall through the cracks.

Neglected Opportunities

Good Example - It's October now, so most opportunities have been spoken to in the past month or so. You'd click on the item from July here to make sure you've still got a followupthen scheduled for it.

Because CRM does not have to be updated often, you may find the opportunities are not kept up to date and your data could get stale. To solve this problem you should require all sales people to update their opportunities before the weekly sales meeting so that they can be reviewed during this meeting in a group.

During this meeting, you should review your hot prospects with your team. As a team you should provide advice to each sales person to help them close their difficult sales.

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