Do you keep the history of an email?

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Imagine receiving a reply to an email and it has one word: "Done". If the sender can't remember what was asked and the respondent has deleted the history, it's hard to tell what's going on. It's not possible to check whether all questions were answered, or what URL was in the original email.

A similar scenario happens if someone replies to an older email on a thread that is not the latest. That piece of information on the most recent reply might get lost. Also, if someone else is Cc'ed, they won't have access to all information.

In summary:

  • Never delete the history when replying to an email! Surely we aren't that hard up for disk space ;)
  • Always reply to the latest email on the thread

This way others don't need to go back into 'sent items' to find what is going on... which can be very frustrating.

keep history
Figure: History can be seen by anyone Cc'ed

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