Do you keep your prompts concise and clear?

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When crafting prompts for ChatGPT, it's essential to make them concise and clear. A well-written prompt enables the model to understand your request more accurately and deliver a helpful response. Keeping your prompts brief and focused can help prevent confusion and ensure that you receive the information or assistance you're seeking.

Here are some tips for creating concise and clear prompts:

  • Use simple and direct language
  • Avoid using jargon or overly complex terms, unless necessary
  • Be specific in your request or question, but don't overload the prompt with too much information
  • Ensure your prompt is easily understandable, even to someone with minimal background knowledge

"Tell me everything about the thing that happened a long time ago when there was a conflict between multiple groups of people in Europe that resulted in significant changes in the region's political landscape and had a lasting impact on global history."

Figure: Bad example - The prompt is overly long, vague, and difficult to understand

"Provide a brief overview of the major events and consequences of World War II in Europe."

Figure: Good example - Concise, clear, and directly asks for the desired information

By using focused and easily understandable language, you're more likely to receive a relevant and useful response from ChatGPT.

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