Do you always keep your task list handy for when the Manager calls?

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In today’s busy work environment, it is crucial to stay organized and be ready to update your Manager on your tasks at any moment. Using Microsoft Loop in a Teams Tab can help you manage your tasks effectively.

notebook task list
Figure: Bad example - Unorganized tasks written in a notebook

loop tasks in teams
Figure: Good example - Organized task list using Loop in a Teams tab

Steps to use Loop in a Teams tab

  1. Create a Loop Component: In Microsoft Loop, create a shared workspace | Add a Loop component
  2. Add Tasks: Enter all your tasks, deadlines, and priorities into the Loop component
  3. Copy Loop URL to Teams Tab: Dedicate a tab in a chat | Copy URL | Rename tab
  4. Regular Updates: Regularly update the status of your tasks in the Loop component to keep it current
  5. Instant Access: Ensure the Teams Tab with the Loop component is easily accessible so you can quickly pull it up when your Manager calls

By maintaining an organized and up-to-date task list in Loop, you will always be prepared to provide a comprehensive status update to your Manager. This not only helps in staying productive but also demonstrates your organizational skills and reliability.

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