Do you let your clients know they are valued?

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Great working relationships are not built in a day. Do you use every opportunity to build relationship with your clients and their staff? Gifts are a great way of saying that you really appreciated a client’s business, or that he/she is valuable to your company.

Don't wait only for a special occasion like Christmas to reward a great client. You could send a gift at the end of a project, or an important deployment, or if you know they have had a special occasion.

For a gift to make an impact it needs to be personal. Don't waste an opportunity to get them something that they really want and therefore show that you care about them as a person. A bottle of alcohol is very cold and impersonal, unless it is something you know they love, like their favourite wine or whiskey.

Things to consider:

  • If you know the customer well, customize the present (a tea gift package, a book they would like to read, a restaurant experience or even a plant) and they will feel important to you
  • Give it to the main contact of the company, as it’s more personal
  • If you don’t know a customer very well, you can give them something more generic like a foodie hamper, a wine or champagne, but try to make it something they can share around the office


Figure - Bad example: A Bad Client Gift – Alcohol is easy, but very impersonal


Figure - Good Example: Give your clients a personalised Hot Ballooning experience that you know they’ve wanted to do for years!

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