Do you limit the duration of your board meetings?

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Limiting the duration of board meetings encourages efficiency and ensures that members remain engaged and focused throughout the session.

✅ Advantages of limiting meetings' duration

  • Enhance focus - Shorter meetings help maintain high levels of concentration and prevent fatigue. It keeps discussions concise and to the point, avoiding unnecessary digressions
  • Improve productivity - Time constraints encourage quicker decision-making and more focused discussions. It increases the likelihood of higher attendance and engagement from board members
  • Respect for time - Recognizes the value of participants' time, contributing to higher satisfaction and attendance rates. It ensures meetings end on time fostering a sense of predictability and respect for personal schedules
Company size Recommended meeting length (hours)
1-50 2
51-200 3
201-500 4
501+ 5

Strategies for keeping meetings short

  • Use a timer - Allocate specific time slots for each agenda item and use a timer to enforce these limits
  • Prioritize topics - Focus on the most critical issues that require board input, leaving operational details for another forum
  • Encourage conciseness - Promote a culture of brevity in presentations and discussions to cover more ground in less time

Setting and adhering to a specific time limit for board meetings can drastically improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

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