Do you make data fields obvious in automated and template-based emails?

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Automated and template-based emails are essential tools for businesses, but they often fall short in making data fields easily noticeable. Ensuring that important information stands out not only enhances readability but also improves user experience and efficiency.

Here are some practical tips for making data fields more obvious in your email communications:

  • Use bold text to highlight key information
  • Present items in lists for easy reading
  • Place questions/tasks at the beginning to ensure immediate attention and action


Hi Stephan,

I live at Strathfield and my employment salary will be $100,000. Can you please make me a contract?

Bad example - You have to read carefully to find the key information

Hi Stephan,

Address: Strathfield
Salary: $100,000
Can you please make me a contract?

Bad example - Labels in bold don't highlight the key information, task at the bottom

Hi Stephan,

  1. Can you please make me a contract?
  2. Address: Strathfield
  3. Salary: $100,000

Good example - List with the key information in bold, and the numbered task at the top provide great readability

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