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Do you make your site easy to maintain?

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If you have database driven pages on your website, you need a way of updating the data quickly and easily. Each page should have an 'Edit' link - only visible when the site is running internally or in administrator mode - that takes you directly to the page for editing the content on that page. The exception to this is if you are using open-source data. SSW.People is a good example of this.

Figure: "New" and "Edit" links allow SSW Employees to maintain testimonial entries easily

wordpress edit
Figure: "Edit" button on WordPress admin bar

github edit
Figure: Good Example - "Edit" button on an Open Source page

From Github, you can edit and submit a pull request. See (SSW People) or (SSW Rules) for more details.

This is better than sending a 'Change from X to Y' email ( as the work can be done immediately with less work and management requirements.

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