Meetings - Do you prepare for your meetings?

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Before you attend a meeting you must come prepared with as much information as possible about the client; meaning no unnecessary questions. You should already have the answers to most generic questions. Extensive research is impressive to clients.

For example, when talking to a client about their ice cream chain...

How many outlets do you have?

Where is the main outlet?

Figure: Bad example - You should already know the answers to these questions by visiting their website

I noticed you have x amount of outlets, are you planning to open up more, when and where?

Which of your products contribute most to your gross profit?

How do most of your customers hear about you?

Do you have a customer loyalty program? Is it working?

Where are some of the biggest challenges / opportunities for you at the moment / in the future?

Figure: Good example - By asking questions, you show interest as well as initiating conversation - remember to get the customer talking

Look for points of pain and build on them - if there's no pain it's hard to fix the problem properly.

Tip: Google the client's name before the meeting. Customers' ears prick up when they hear that you googled them.

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