Meetings - Do you have a debrief after an initial meeting?

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There is always something we can learn from our interactions with clients. Initial meetings are a great opportunity to learn how we can fine tune our sales skills. Because there are always 2 SSW representatives in initial meetings with clients (usually an account manager and a developer) you should hold a debrief after the meeting on the way back to the office.

Questions that you should ask each other are:

  1. Did I do or say anything wrong?
  2. Was I listening to the client or was I talking too much?
  3. Did I give the client my full attention?
  4. Is there anything I could have done better?
  5. Do you think I connected with the client?
  6. How can we improve our sales process from what we learned in this meeting?

You should be as honest as possible with each other during the debrief but always use the sandwich rule. Any good ideas or suggested changes should be emailed to the Product Owner.

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