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Group calls - Do you minimize unrelated interruptions?

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Group calls are made for important discussions to be had, and distractions can derail them. Ever been in a group call where someone just vanishes? It's confusing and can mess up the flow of conversation.

Here are the best ways to minimize distractions:

Message 'BRB', 'I'm Back' or 'I have to go'

If you have to get up for a minute, avoid interruptinons and keep things moving by simply messaging in the chat that you'll be right back and then when you've returned. The same if you need to leave the conversation - simply message that you have to go with the reason and without interrupting.

Leaving the group call without letting anyone know.

Figure: Bad example - Makes everyone pause and ask where you went

Interrupting the flow of conversation to verbally tell everyone you have to leave.

Figure: OK example - It's good to communicate, but still stops the chat for a bit

Messaging in the group chat "brb in X mins" ... and then "I’m back" when you return.


Messaging in the group chat "Sorry, I have to go guys - Dinner time"

Figure: Good example - The call can continue smoothly and no one will be guessing where you went

This way the conversation doesn't need to pause if you are taking a break; and no one has to stop and wonder where you went.

Mute if someone comes to talk to you in person

Another way to keep the group call smooth is to mute your mic if someone comes to talk to you in person. This avoids distracting background noise.

Be mindful of people talking or other noises that might be registering into your microphone. It's OK to turn away for a minute, as long as you mute to keep the call free from random noise.

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