Do you know how to retrieve missing invoices for flights?

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When booking a flight for a business trip, it is common for accountants to claim that as an expense. In that case, they will need the invoice for the trip.

In most cases, the tax invoices of the flights that booked by company were sent to the person.

The traditional way of retrieving the invoice is for the person who took the flight to send through the invoice directly. However, sometimes the person who needs to send through the invoice is too busy and unable to action this task for a long time or they may even forget to do it entirely.

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Figure: Bad example - Ask the individual for the tax invoice of a flight

Luckily, most airlines offers a convenient portal for managing bookings where you can retrieve this information for all company flights, e.g. Qantas Business Rewards or Virgin Australia Business Flyer

Qantas offers a robust loyalty program, take advantage of it.

If an invoice is missing, you can access the document by:

  1. Going to Qantas Business Reward | Manage trips,
  2. Search and open the flights
  3. Choose "Manage booking".

qantas tax invoice v2
Figure: Good example - Retrieve the invoice from Qantas Business Reward in 30 seconds.

Note: You can also access to this page as a guest via Qantas Manage booking without Qantas Business, but a booking reference is required.

  1. Select "Resend tax invoice"

qantas tax invoice 2
Figure: Resend the tax invoice on manage booking.

  1. Put the email that you wish the tax invoice to be received. The tax invoice should be resent in a few seconds.

Simply retrieve the missed invoices from that portal and you can skip the middle man!

Note: Only bookings with company name and ABN can be managed through Qantas Business Rewards.

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