Chinafy - Do you know those English words are OK in China?

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If you are localizing your application to China, some of the English words are commonly used in China. Instead of translating a word to Chinese bluntly, you should keep them in English.

Here is a list of English words which are OK to use on your user interface:

  • OK
  • APP
  • FAQ
  • VS
  • V1, V2 (Version 1, Version2)
  • ID
  • VR
  • AI
  • 3D

microsoft download site

Figure: Good Example - Microsoft's Chinese software downloading site use "FAQ" on the main menu

sugarlearning cn site

Figure: Good Example - site use "FAQ" on the main menu


Figure: Good Example - Apps keep "V" or "Version" in English


Figure: Good Example - iOS keep "ID" in English

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