Do you organize your terminal sessions using Windows Terminal panes?

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Windows Terminal is a modern terminal application that allows users to manage multiple command-line tools from a single interface. One standout feature is the ability to split the main window into multiple panes, enabling the running and viewing of multiple sessions side by side within a single window.

This feature serves as an alternative to having multiple terminal windows open simultaneously. Panes help keep everything in one place, making it simpler to navigate between different sessions.

multiple windows
Figure: APIs and front-end applications running in different windows

one window
Figure: APIs and front-end applications running in panes

Use cases:

  • Monitoring different processes simultaneously
  • Running multiple projects locally
  • Executing commands concurrently

Main shortcuts:

  • Alt + Shift + +: to split the pane vertically
  • Alt + Shift + -: to split the pane horizontally
  • Alt + Shift + W: to close the pane
  • Alt + Arrow: to move between panes
  • Alt + Shift + Arrow: to resize a pane
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