Do you know which packages to add to new MVC projects?

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When you create a new MVC project in Visual Studio it is important to include the right packages from the start. This will make a solution more manageable and developers will be more efficient.

Adding old, obsolete or incorrect packages can lead to decreased performance, scope creep as new requirements are discovered and generally lead to projects suffering.

Some technologies to avoid are:

  • ❌ MVC Web Forms
  • ❌ KnockoutJS
  • ❌ AngularJS
  • ❌ Gulp

When creating a new MVC project we recommend you use the Clean Architecture Template. This template not only gives you a great structure, but it also includes all the required packages.

The following are some of the NuGet packages included:

  • ✅ EntityFramework
  • ✅ FluentValidation
  • ✅ NSwag
  • ✅ AutoMapper
  • ✅ MediatR

The following are some of the NPM packages included:

  • ✅ Angular
  • ✅ FontAwesome
  • ✅ RxJs
  • ✅ NgRx
  • ✅ Bootstrap
  • ✅ TypeScript

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