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Do you pay invoices completely?

Created on 25 Jul 2017 | Last updated by Tiago Araujo on 25 Jul 2017 10:50 PM (over 3 years ago)

If you negotiate with a supplier in relation to an invoice, do you ensure the invoice is reissued?

It is not always common but sometimes you will negotiate a change in the agreed price once an invoice has been issued by a supplier. This might be because there was a change or defect in the good or service provided and a lesser amount is agreed or an agreement that a certain amount of the invoice will be paid later when the rest of the product or service is delivered.

**Do not pay an invoice in part. ** You should ask the supplier to reissue the invoice or issue a credit note in relation to an invoice. Otherwise, the supplier may say that there is a balance of the invoice owing.

“Jim. OK, I'll just pay $165, not the $220 on the invoice"

Figure: Bad example

“Dear Jim, Please reissue the invoice or provide a credit note for the now agreed correct amount." 

Figure: Good example

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