Do you conduct a post-meeting retro?

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Conducting a post-meeting evaluation (aka Retro) allows the board to reflect on the meeting's effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and enhance future meetings.

Benefits of Post-Meeting Evaluations

  • Continuous Improvement: Identifies strengths and weaknesses in meeting structure and dynamics, enabling ongoing refinement.
  • Feedback Loop: Provides a mechanism for members to express concerns or suggest improvements in a structured manner.
  • Enhance Meeting Quality: Focuses on enhancing the quality and productivity of future meetings based on constructive feedback.

How to Conduct Effective Evaluations

  • What went well? Reflect on what worked well, or the main takeaways people got from the meeting. This reinforces good behavior.
  • What didn't go so well? Identify where time was wasted, or if anyone has any gripes to share about how the meeting went.
  • What can we change for next time? Implement changes for the next meeting, to double down on what went well, or fix what didn't.

Implementing a post-meeting evaluation process can significantly contribute to the continuous improvement of board meetings.

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