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Post-Production - Do you use a Version Number on your Videos?

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When updating a version of a video (especially in a corporate environment), it's wise to let the rest of your team know where you're up to. It can detract from your amount of hits if you include the version details in the title, so it's best to find a subtle way to incorporate it into the video itself.

bad version example

Figure: Bad example - the version number is too large, too dark and too obvious

Version Example Figure: Good example - the text is small, barely visible and would only be noticeable if you're looking for it.

The best way to label the version is as follows:

When a team member creates a new version, they should change the minor (i.e. the number after the decimal point)

When the product owner affirms a new version, the major changes (i.e. the number before the decimal point)

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