Leaving - Do you prepare a special goodbye to a co-worker leaving the company?

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It can be sad when a co-worker is leaving the job, but you should always find a good reason to celebrate the day and make it special – especially if they worked for the company for a long time.

You should always provide as good of an experience for when your staff leave, as when they joined the organization.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have a special lunch with the whole team
  • Prepare a card signed by all team members to say goodbye
  • Get the team together for drinks after work (if you are working remotely, this can be done via Microsoft Teams or Zoom)
  • Get the boss to write a speech about the soon to be ex-employee and make sure everyone can participate in the farewell

Of course, you can personalize it according to each employee’s personality.

As a goodbye could be due to redundancy, or a resignation, it’s always a good idea to ask the employee how they might feel about the situation. This is an important step to ensure they are comfortable. 

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