Do you know how to add a print server?

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When you are connected to the company's network, you should complete the following procedure if you want to setup a printer server.

For Windows Server

Steps to add a printer to Active Directory:

  1. In Windows Run | Type "printmanagement.msc" | Hit Enter
  2. Right-click 'Print Server' | Choose 'Add/Remove Servers' | Add IP address or computer name | Finish
    Right click the 'Print Server' | Add printer | Choose the best option (e.g TCP/IP) | Put the IP address of the Printer | Finish

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Figure: Add Print servers to AD

  1. Add DNS entry for your print server (e.g \printer) to make it friendly for the users to find

Note: Another method is using a Universal Printer in Azure

Finding the Printers

Now your users can find the printers by doing the following:

  1. In the File explorer | Type \printer on the address bar to show all the printers connected to the server

Figure: Bad example – Windows 11 | Printers & scanners - Users won’t see all the printers by default

Figure: Good example - Printers listed in Printer Server

  1. Double click on your printer name to connect/add it. Follow prompt to finish the printer driver installation
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