Do you prioritize performance optimization for maximum business value?

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Like any development, performance optimization requires development time and should therefore be prioritized for business value.

Include the following considerations:

  • What is the preferred performance for this feature?
  • What represents an acceptable performance metric?
  • How many users are expected to use this feature within a timeframe?
  • What is the business impact of poor performance for this feature?
  • Are we planning to significantly change this feature in the near future?

Hi Adam,

As per our conversation, we have identified 2 slow queries:

Query 1: On the “Edit Item” screen (admin only) we have identified 4 separate SQL queries that can be rewritten as one. We estimate that this will reduce the response time by 1.5 seconds. Only a few admin users will be affected Query 2: On the Home page is a query that currently takes 1 second that we can reduce to ½ a second. This affects all users.

We optimized the "Edit Item" page because that had the biggest measurable improvement.

Bad example: although the admin page has a bigger potential saving, the home page affects all users and therefore probably has a higher business value. Business value should be determined by the Product Owner, not the developer

Hi Adam,

As per our conversation, we have identified a query in the "Save Timesheet" endpoint that often takes more than 2 seconds to complete – well beyond the project’s 800ms target. However, this entire feature is scheduled to be migrated from MVC to Angular in the next Sprint.

Recommended actions:

  • We won't optimize the existing implementation
  • Raise the priority of the Angular migration PBI
  • Ensure that performance metrics are included in the acceptance criteria of the migration PBI
  • Please “reply all” with changes or your acceptance. 

Good example: there is little business value in optimizing code that will soon be replaced – but the final decision on business value is left to the Product Owner

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