Production - Do you know how to record live video interviews on location?

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Recording live video interviews on location can be difficult. The key to success is to make the process as simple as possible, so you continue to record and release interviews.

As there may be many variables during a shoot on location, you need to be able to keep track of multiple things during the interview. The most important things to focus on are:

  • Audio

    • Is each microphone coming through clearly
    • Are there any sounds that would make it hard to hear the interview (e.g. passing trucks, air conditioning on, machinery)
  • Lighting

    • Are your subjects bright enough to see clearly
    • Are there any harsh or awkward shadows blocking their face or body?
  • Framing

    • Can you see everything you need to?

If any of these are not right, you will probably need to record again!

Tips to simplify the process:

  1. The interviewer should hold the camera and interview the subject at the same time.
  2. Keep a tight frame - don’t have lots of empty space around the subject.
  3. Use the rule of thirds. See:

  1. Don't zoom erratically – Ease in and ease out of zooms
  2. If someone starts speaking off camera, move to them slowly and smoothly without rushing (it is OK for them to talk off camera for a short time)
  3. To record both voices use a single shotgun microphone for both interviewer and subject
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