Production - Do you manage audience interactivity?

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One of the hardest things to deal with when presenting to an audience is the correct way to deal with questions.

Try and give firm guidelines when you start as to the correct way to ask a question.

Speaker: "No questions please. Ask your questions at the end"

Figure: Bad example - This kills the sense of interactivity that is so appealing about live presentations

Speaker: "Questions are fine as long as they are on-topic... something about the current slide"

Figure: Good example - This allows interactivity but stops the audience from distracting and derailing the speaker

It is quite common for one audience member to derail the speaker with a lot of questions. If this happens, simply respond:

Speaker: "OK Bob, I think that is your 10th question and your quota has expired. I want to give everyone a fair go, so you get 1 more question after this"

Figure: Good example - This is a firm yet amicable way of managing the situation

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