Production - Do you perform an equipment checklist?

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Nothing is worse or more embarrassing than forgetting a vital piece of equipment in the office when you are set to record a presentation in a few moments, so making sure you use a checklist before going to the shooting location is vital in order to ensure the production goes smoothly.

Remember, it is key to make sure that the speaker is kept happy and willing, so do not keep them waiting for unnecessary periods of time. Running back to the office for the tripod plate will make you look unprofessional, and it affects your company's image.

As part of the checklist, it is also important to test the equipment beforehand. So anything electronic such as the wireless mic needs a quick check to see if everything is working as it should. Also, make sure to check if the camera has enough free space for what you are about to record.

SSWTV EquipmentChecklist BAD
Figure: Bad Example - Be specific about what equipment you need as generic lists make it easy to forget things

SSWTV EquipmentChecklist
Figure: Good example. It's ideal to have two columns so you can check off items when leaving multiple locations, also extra rows might come in useful if there's extra equipment

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