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Quality - Do you only deploy after a test please?

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In order to ensure the quality of the code you deploy, make sure you don't deploy until you have got your code fully tested and received a "test passed".

There is more than one potential successful path to get work from "In Progress" to "Done" - what's important is that this process is consistent for a project and the whole team follows this process. The Scrum Definition of Done is a great tool to document and promote this consistency, and the Sprint Retrospective meeting is the perfect opportunity to review and refine this document.

Here are some examples:

  • In some teams, the client directly participates in the Scrum team by testing PBIs as they are completed. In this scenario, a good approach is for these testers to be the only users that can mark a PBI as 'Done' on the Azure Devops task board.
  • With automated deployment tools such as Octopus deploy you can give your client direct control over deployment resposibility by controlling access rights to the "Deploy to Production" button.


Figure: Giving clients sole access to the deploy button, allows them to take ownership of the decision to deploy.

For more information on this, see Rules to Successful Projects.

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