Do you take others into consideration while making calls in the office?

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When the noise in an open plan office goes beyond appropriate levels, it can be annoying and stressful and thereby affects productivity. Here are a few tips to help reduce noise in your workplace.

  1. Use headphones🎧
  2. Use a reasonable voice level or soft voice.
  3. During the conversation, type the important points in to your Teams/private chat box to avoid unnecessary repetition and, at the same time, have those points written not just spoken.
  4. Should you anticipate a long call, move into a private room or booth if you can.
  5. Ping very loud people politely/nicely, e.g., “Hey XXX, could you please use headphones?”.
  6. Close your booth/pod door (if you have one) while you’re in calls.

Tip: If you are in a Teams meeting and someone enters the room, it's important to notify the meeting participants of their arrival.

For example: "By the way Team, Jack has now entered the boardroom".

If that person forgets, tap the table to remind them to introduce you.

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