Do you remind your staff to follow the dress code?

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The way you and all members of your team present themselves is a crucial part of creating a good impression for your clients, particularly in their first encounters with you.

Sometimes people may need a reminder to follow the dress code. If you notice someone is not dressed accordingly:

  1. Speak to them in person or send them a gentle reminder with a link to your dress code. For example; "Hey Bob, I noticed you're wearing blue jeans today and it's a Wednesday. Don't forget we dress our best on a Wednesday because we invite clients in, please avoid wearing those again. Here's the dress code to help you:
  2. If there is someone you need to constantly remind, a great way to get them to remember that is causes you pain is to follow our Do you ask your staff to help you reduce your admin? 🙏🏻 rule to help track it and keep them accountable.
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