Do you know how to rename a Teams Channel file folder correctly?

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Have you ever made a spelling mistake when you named a Teams channel? Have you then tried to rename the Channel? If so you will notice that the underlying SharePoint folder is still named incorrectly.

Figure: Unwanted name on channel

There is a workaround to rename the folder correctly.

  1. Rename the Team channel

Figure: Renaming the channel

::: info Note: This hasn't changed the name of the folder in SharePoint!

Figure: The folder name didn't change yet

  1. Delete the channel

Figure: Delete the channel

  1. Now, in SharePoint, rename the folder

Figure: Renaming the folder in SharePoint

::: info Note: Make sure that you rename the folder exactly the same as you named the channel.

Figure: Make sure the name is the same as the channel

  1. Click the ellipses beside the Team name | Manage Team

    Figure: Manage the Team

  2. Click Channels | Select the arrow beside deleted | Choose restore beside the channel that you wish to restore

    Figure: Restore the channel

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