Do you always reply to tasks/questions in the same medium?

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Consistency is key in communication. Always reply to tasks or questions in the same medium they were sent. It's all about showing courtesy, avoiding confusion, and keeping things running smoothly.

When someone messages you on a specific platform, it's because they chose that medium for a reason. Keeping the conversation in one place makes it easier to refer back to previous messages and stay on the same page. It's a straightforward way to keep things clear and minimize hiccups.

So, next time you get an IM or an email, remember to reply in the same platform - it's a simple yet effective way to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Tip: When you receive a question on IM (direct chat or @mention in a group chat), make an effort to respond promptly, even if you don't have an immediate solution. Simply acknowledging the other person's concern goes a long way in maintaining effective communication.

Replying to multiple mediums

If someone chases you up on IM about an email... when you finish the task you should reply on both mediums. E.g. "Done - see email"

If someone sends an email that you converted to a PBI, you should reply to the email with the PBI link, so everyone knows where to follow up.

Adam Cogan
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