Do you know to report on your SEO results?

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Maintaining a consistent and focused SEO strategy is essential for improving and sustaining your website’s search engine rankings. It’s important to report on your results so you do timely adjustments to the strategy.

SEO reporting should ideally be conducted on a monthly basis as this frequency allows for a comprehensive view of performance trends.

The metrics included in this report are vital for several reasons:

  • Website performance overview: Understanding traffic patterns and user engagement helps identify what is working and where improvements are needed.
  • Keyword performance: Tracking keyword rankings and performance is crucial for ensuring that the content aligns with search intent and remains competitive.
  • Backlink analysis: Backlinks are a significant factor in search engine algorithms. Monitoring new and lost backlinks helps maintain and improve domain authority.
  • Technical SEO: A healthy, fast-loading, and error-free site is favoured by search engines. Regular technical audits prevent issues that could negatively impact rankings.
  • Action plan for next month: Setting clear goals and outlining actionable steps ensures continuous improvement and strategic focus.

Core Monthly SEO Report Template

Here’s a template you can follow to report on your SEO:


  • Objective: Brief overview of the goals for the month
  • Key Achievements: Highlight major wins, such as ranking improvements and traffic increases

Website Performance Overview

  • Total Organic Traffic: Compare current month vs. previous month
  • Bounce Rate: Evaluate user engagement
  • Average Session Duration: Assess how long visitors stay on the site

Keyword Performance

  • Top Performing Keywords: List keywords with the most traffic and highest rankings
  • Keywords Gained/Lost: Highlight significant changes in keyword rankings
  • Total Backlinks: Compare current month vs. previous month
  • New Backlinks Acquired: Highlight significant new backlinks

Technical SEO

  • Site Health Score: Overview of technical issues affecting SEO
  • Page Speed Insights: Average page load time and recommendations for improvement

Action Plan for Next Month

  • Key Focus Areas: Define primary goals for the upcoming month
  • SEO Improvements: List specific actions to take, such as technical fixes and link-building strategies
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