Do you review action items and assign clear responsibilities?

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Reviewing action items and assigning clear responsibilities at the end of each board meeting ensures that decisions lead to actionable outcomes and that everyone knows their next steps.

Importance of Clear Action Items

  • Ensure Accountability: Assigning tasks to specific individuals increases accountability for follow-through.
  • Track Progress: Enables the board to monitor the implementation of decisions and measure progress over time.
  • Clarify Expectations: Provides clear direction and expectations, reducing confusion and ensuring alignment among board members.

Best Practices for Action Items

  • Be Specific: Clearly define what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.
  • Document and Distribute: Record action items in the meeting minutes and distribute them to all members promptly.
  • Follow-Up: Regularly review the status of action items in subsequent meetings to ensure progress and completion.


  • Translates board decisions into tangible outcomes and progress.
  • Increases the efficiency and effectiveness of board meetings by focusing on results.
  • Reinforces the culture of accountability and follow-through within the board.

By reviewing action items and assigning clear responsibilities, boards can ensure that their meetings lead to meaningful action and results.

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