Do you understand the risks of deploying on days with limited support?

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Deploying on a Friday has traditionally been risky due to limited post-deployment support over the weekend, potentially leaving issues unaddressed. Thanks to DevOps best practices, these concerns are largely mitigated by automated deployments, continuous integration, and real-time monitoring, making the deployment process smoother and more reliable.

Nonetheless, caution is recommended in certain situations.

risks of deploying on fridays
Figure: Avoid deploying on Friday... unless you have a plan

While it is best to avoid deployments on days with limited support availability, sometimes urgent updates like security patches cannot wait.

How to be prepared?

Pre-Deployment communication

  • Inform the team about the deployment and ensure that support staff or relevant team members are available if needed
  • Notify all relevant stakeholders, acknowledging that you and the team are prepared to fix issues over the weekend if they occur

Deployment checklist and best practices

Every project should have a document to cover each step of the deployment:

  • Pre-Deployment: Ensure that all project components are up-to-date and tested before deploymen
  • Staging Deployment: Test the application and check for any errors before moving to production
  • Production Deployment: Proceed to production only after confirming no issues in staging
  • Post-Deployment: Monitor for any new issues
  • Troubleshooting: Outline key contacts for support and provide step-by-step actions to address issues

How to mitigate the risk of a deployment?

  • Use Feature Flags: Implement feature flags to control the rollout of new features. This allows for quick disabling of problematic features without a full rollback
  • Ensure Comprehensive Monitoring: Make sure all necessary monitoring tools are in place to quickly identify any issues. For instance, you can use Application Insights
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