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Rules to Better Cars

3 Rules

Rules to Better Cars

  1. Do you have a dash cam?

    The dashboard camera has become more and more popular over the past few years. It is designed to record sounds and images while you are driving. The purpose of the dash cam is to carefully record what happens on the road while you are driving, and even inside the car.

    The main reason for having a dashcam is because it's the most efficient evidence in the unfortunate case of a car crash.

    This is #4 on Adam's suggestions list to Tesla:

  2. Do you have an USB adaptor in your car?

    Car manufacturers should get rid of the cigarette lighter, smokers use the usual portable lighters and everyone else uses them as a power source. So instead, why not just give us lots of USB ports to plug in our phone, iPod, camera and all the other gadgets we all seem to carry around these days!

    In the meantime, buy a 1000mA Car USB Adaptor (there are heaps of places you can buy one, and Google Search results will show you heaps of places to start)

    Note: Don't get the old 400mA adaptors (which supply enough power for the majority of USB devices) instead, get a more powerful one for items such as iPads

    Figure: Have a USB adaptor in your car

  3. Does your navigation device support touch?

    Car manufacturers use different solutions for navigation. Touchscreen is most intuitive and easy way to go, as you don't need to learn and get used to it - it's just like our phones, tablets and modern computers.

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