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Rules to Better CRM – Mail Merge

3 Rules

  1. Do you know how to edit a mail merge template?

    These are the steps to edit a mail merge template in CRM 2011:

    1. Go to Settings from Microsoft CRM 2011 home page.
    2. Click Templates on the left navigation panel.
    3. Click Mail Merge Templates on right content panel.
    4. Double click the template that you want to edit.
    5. On top of the template details window, click Edit Template in Word .
    6. A word document will be open like when you create the template, from there you can follow on screen instructions to edit the template content.
  2. Do you know how to send email using Microsoft CRM 4 mail merge template?

    You can use mail merge template, to send email to account, contact... Each mail merge template is associated to an entity, and you can only use the mail merge template that associated to the entity you're sending email to. In the following instructions, I'm sending email to the contact entity:

    1. From Dynamics CRM, click Contacts to view the list of contacts.
    2. Search for the contact that you want to send email to.
    3. Highlight the contact that you want to send email to, and click the mail merge button.

    send mail merge 1
    Figure: Mail merge button

    1. At Select the mail merge type , select Email.
    2. At Start with a , select either personal mail merge template (this is your own template), or the organization template (this is the template that is used by the whole organizaion).
    3. At Merge , check Selected records on current page check box.
    4. Click Ok

    send mail merge 2
    Figure: Fill in the mail merge details

    1. A Microsoft Word document is open, and the Mail Merge Recipients window is pop-up with the list of contacts that you're sending email to.

    send mail merge 3
    Figure: Mail Merge Recipients


    If you don't see a contact in the recipient list, that means your contact either:
    * **Do Not Emails** or
    * **Do Not Bulk Emails** field set to be
    * **Do Not Allow**
    1. Follow the on screen instructions in Microsoft Word and edit the content of the email that you want to send.

    Attention: SSW Developers

    Please remove the yellow highlight for the block of the text that need to be filled in by you and the green highlight for the CRM field while you're editing the email.

    1. At the last step of the mail merge instructions in Microsoft Word, click Electronic Mail and fill in the subject line for your email.

    send mail merge 4
    Figure: Fill in subject line for email

    1. Click Ok to proceed to next step.
    2. Now because we're using CRM 4 Outlook, CRM mail merge will give you an option to create the activities that associated to this email. Check Create Microsoft Dynamic CRM Activities radio button, and uncheck the Include an ubsubcribe link in the email message to create the activities.

    send mail merge 5
    Figure: Create activies for emails sending out using mail merge

    1. Click OK to send emails using your outlook.
  3. Do you know how to insert CRM data field in your template?

    While editing your mail merge template in Microsoft Word, you can add CRM data field in the template. For example, you can add the contact's first name in my mail merge template.

    1. While you're editing your mail merge template in Microsoft Word, click the Mailings tab.

    insert mail merge 1
    Figure: Click the Mailings tab

    1. Click Insert Merge Field on the Ribbon.
    2. Select the field from Microsoft CRM that you want to insert, in this case I'm inserting contact's first name.

    insert mail merge 2
    Figure: Insert contact's first name in mail merge template

    1. Finish your editing your template and upload the template to CRM 2011.
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