Do you know salespeople should work together and keep each other accountable?

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It’s important that salespeople work together to help each other through blockages, and also that they keep each other accountable so that no one drops the ball for an extended period.

You should organize a weekly meeting for all Account Managers. The focus should shift each week between 2 topics:

  1. Opportunities

    • Look at all current opportunities and make sure there is a plan for a continuance. Agree to close off any that are no longer viable
    • Discuss if there is any industry news or hot topics that could be interesting or that might be good for client conversations
  2. Current Projects

    • Look at the way your current resources are being used and make any adjustments necessary. In the case of a consulting company, identify if all bookings are up to date, and potentially if under-used resources need retraining or re-allocation

If you need to constantly remind someone to enter the data correctly or follow up on a Sale, a great way to get them to remember that it causes you pain is to ask your staff to help you reduce your admin work to help track it and keep them accountable.

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